Nestled in Parker County's Weatherford, Texas, Jackpot Ranch is a premiere training operation that focuses on producing exceptional athletes within the cutting horse industry. Jackpot Ranch is centered on the hard work and dedication of a superior team that possesses an uncompromising commitment to excellence, as well as a deep passion for cutting and its roots to Western Heritage.

Terry Green, owner of Jackpot Ranch, has always had a sincere passion for horses. He was introduced to the sport of cutting in the late 90s and purchased the 200 acres of land where Jackpot Ranch sits in 2003. 


While the name of the ranch leads some to believe that the establishment is a result of gambling luck, its beginning stems from quite the contrary. Owner Terry Green’s background in the casino business landed the name for the Jackpot Ranch. Terry, originally from Gulfport, Mississippi, was a significant force behind the legalization of gambling in Mississippi in 1990. He and partner, Rick Carter, opened one of the first casinos on the coast of Mississippi and can be attributed with what now serves as one of the state’s leading sources of revenue and employment venues.

Still in the casino business, Terry, his wife Kathy and son Austin reside in Houston, Texas, but enjoy frequent visits to the ranch.  Terry also has a daughter, Katherine, who lives in Houston, as well.

In just a few years, Terry has reached great success as an owner in the cutting horse business. To date, horses owned by Jackpot Ranch have earned close to $400,000 through a training operation that was jumpstarted in 2006. As a competitor, Terry has cut to more than $55,000 and closely approaching his non-pro status.

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